Virtual sessions

  • The Jolly Postman – Once Upon a Bicycle 

    Help The Jolly Postman collect, sort and deliver the post for fairy tale characters. Take part in a lively literacy mission and use songs, rhyme and Makaton signs to bring the story to life in your classroom.

    Students will:

    • Learn how the post is collected, sorted and delivered
    • Discover characters from traditional tales
    • Work as a team to do the job of a postal worker


    Curriculum links

    • Reception: Communication & Language, Understanding the world, Literacy
    • KS1: Literacy


    Letter-writing sets

    Your class will be sent The Jolly Postman letter-writing sets.

  • Session information

    • Reception and KS1
    • 45 minutes (9:45, 11:00 and 13:00)
    • Max 35 students
    • Fridays
    • £80 per session / without charge. UK primary schools can request up to 3 sessions on the same day without charge.


    Royal Mail supported sessions

    UK primary schools can book The Jolly Postman virtual sessions without charge thanks to Royal Mail Group. Schools can request up to 3 sessions on the same day. There is limited availability for this offer. Additional sessions cost £80 per class.



    Extension activities

What teachers tell us

A fantastic introduction to the text where children have the opportunity to become immersed in a story.” – Reception teacher

“A brilliant session which can be used as a springboard for so many class-based learning experiences.” – Year 1 teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

To successfully host a session, you will need:

  • A computer with the ability to join the session via the video conferencing platform Zoom. You will join a ‘meeting’ via a link sent in your booking confirmation email.
  • A large screen such as an interactive whiteboard that can connect to the computer running Zoom. Students should have a clear view of the screen.
  • Speakers connected to the computer running Zoom typically built into interactive whiteboards to allow your students to clearly hear the Facilitator.
  • A webcam connected or built into the computer running Zoom to allow your class to be visible to the Facilitator.
  • A microphone connected or built into the computer running Zoom allowing your class to be heard by the Facilitator.
  • Schools should connect to the Internet via ethernet cable rather than WIFI, where possible, and ensure school internet connections are protected by security features such as passwords and firewalls.

You can test all the above equipment by joining a test Zoom meeting.

It is a booking condition that schools take part in a short test call. Test calls can be booked on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons, at least one week before your session.

Teacher information to support you to prepare for your session will be attached to your email booking confirmation.

Virtual sessions are designed for projection at the front of the class. If you are using a hall be aware that larger spaces can be echoey. Let other teaching staff know so the session will not be interrupted.

Students can be sat at their desk or on the floor. You may need to re-position seats and use your webcam to check that the Facilitator will be able to see the class. If you have any students who can’t be seen digitally, think about where they will sit during the session.

Read our full Safeguarding policy (PDF) and risk assessment (PDF) for virtual sessions.

Sessions are led by our trained, DBS checked Facilitators. The session will be delivered from The Postal Museum or remotely from home, whichever is the safest option at the time of booking.

Schools should:

  • Ensure that teachers are supervising students at all times during virtual sessions.
  • Ensure that limited personal information is shared during the virtual session.
  • Connect to the Internet via an ethernet cable rather than WIFI, where possible and ensure that school accounts are security protected by passwords and firewalls.

Our staff will:

  • Provide a secure link to Zoom that is password protected and can only be accessed by the teacher and museum staff.
  • Use the waiting room function to monitor who is joining and lock the meeting.
  • Log in using a special account registered to The Postal Museum Schools Team
  • Ensure that only the Schools Team have permission to use the ‘Share Screen’ function.
  • Advise teachers they must always be present in the room during a session.
  • Connect to the Internet via an ethernet cable rather than WIFI where possible.
  • Ensure that limited personal information is shared during the session.
  • Keep the camera at eye height and present from a suitable room.

We have made our sessions as accessible as possible.

  • Facilitators are experienced in delivering virtual sessions.
  • Sessions use verbal and visual engagement techniques including Makaton signs.

You can support us to deliver an accessible learning experience by:

  • Making sure you meet the technical requirements to host a session.
  • Setting up your classroom to allow all students to see and hear the screen.
  • Telling us about specific access requirements on the booking form.