Virtual Learning Programmes

In Spring Term 2021 we will be launching our new virtual learning programmes.

These exciting and interactive sessions are 45 minutes long and use the latest video production software to deliver a fun-packed session direct to your classroom via video call. Each session is hosted by one of our Facilitators, administrated by another member of our Learning team, and streamed exclusively to you and your class.

The Jolly Postman – Once Upon a Bicycle (Reception and KS1)

Become a team of jolly posties to collect, sort and deliver the post for familiar fairy tale characters. Send and receive letters, parcels and postcards in a humorous and lively literacy mission. This fun session is packed with interaction and magic moments bringing the book to life live in your classroom.

What Will You Do?

  • Experience how three types of mail are sorted and sent.
  • Explore characters from traditional tales.
  • Send a reply to The Jolly Postman to share what you have discovered

Curriculum links
Communication and Language, Literacy, Understanding the World.

  • Availability: Wednesdays and Thursdays in Spring Term 2021 from 17 March onwards. Wednesdays only in Summer Term 2021. See availability calendar for specific dates.
  • Session times: 09:30, 11:00 and 13:00
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Cost: £80 per session (up to 30 students).

For a limited time, every class that books a virtual learning programme will be sent 30 Jolly Postman letter-writing packs courtesy of Royal Mail. These special resources will help inspire your students to write for pleasure and allow them to experience the unique connection created through sending and receiving letters.

Booking your virtual learning programme

Before booking your session, please ensure you have checked our Schools Availability Calendar and read the FAQs below.

When you are ready to proceed, please complete the booking request form in full. A member of the Schools team will process your form and then contact you to discuss and / or confirm your booking.

Booking Request Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sessions have been created with virtual learning in mind, utilising production design software to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences. Our expert learning facilitators live stream to your classroom using the popular video conferencing platform Zoom. You and your class are the only participants and a school’s host will be on hand via the Zoom chat to assist you.

To successfully host a session, please ensure you have:

  • A computer with the ability to join a meeting via the video conferencing platform Zoom. A member of your teaching staff will connect to the session and enter comments into the chat box.
  • A large screen such as an interactive whiteboard that can connect to the computer running the video conferencing software.
  • Speakers connected to the computer running the video conferencing software. (Typically built into interactive whiteboards)
  • A webcam connected or built into the computer running the video conferencing software, allowing your class to be visible to the Learning Host and Session Facilitator.
  • A microphone connected or built into the computer running the video conferencing software allowing your class to be heard by the learning host and session facilitator.

Please note, you can test all the above equipment before booking by using the ‘Test Zoom Meeting’ function.

A copy of The Postal Museum’s full safeguarding policy can be downloaded here.

To help us comply with the guidelines in this document schools should:

  • Supervise children at all times during the virtual sessions.
  • Ensure that limited personal information is shared during the session.
  • Connect to the internet via an ethernet cable rather than WIFI, where possible, and ensure school internet connections and accounts are protected by security features such as passwords and firewalls.

To comply with the guidelines The Postal Museum will:

  • Ensure all bookings for sessions involving children are made by teachers or parents/guardians.
  • Ensure access to platforms and sessions is password protected and this information is shared only with booked participants and TPM staff.
  • Advise parent / carer or teachers that they must always be present in room with children during a session.
  • Use departmental accounts for access to different platforms
  • Remove key word flags by using acronyms to name school sessions.
  • Use the ‘waiting room’ function to disable the ability for anyone to join a session before TPM staff and lock sessions once they have commenced.
  • Restrict chat functions on platforms so that private conversations are not possible. Never allow lone adults or participants who won’t show their camera into sessions for schools.
  • Wherever possible, ensure two members of TPM staff are delivering the session – one as host/ safeguarding invigilator and one as facilitator.
  • Connect to the internet via an ethernet cable rather than WIFI where possible.
  • Ensure that only TPM staff have permission to use the ‘share screen’ function.
  • Ensure that limited personal information is shared during the session.
  • Dress professionally and keep camera at eye height.
  • Ensure we present from a suitable room. Where possible, use virtual backgrounds or background prepared to remove views of personal items.

When submitting your booking request for the Virtual Learning Programme you must agree to abide by the following terms and conditions.

  • Teacher / adult helpers are responsible for the behaviour, safeguarding and supervision of the students taking part in the virtual learning programmes.
  • Teachers must ensure they can meet the technical requirements for hosting the sessions.
  • Virtual learning programmes may not be recorded without the prior consent of all parties involved.
  • All assets including images and audio used in the session are ©The Postal Museum or licensed by © Penguin Random House by The Postal Museum. Teachers may not use these for any other purpose without prior written permission.
  • You will receive an invoice by email and should make payment by BACS transfer or cheque within 30 days.