About us

The Postal Museum is an award-winning, Accredited and independent museum in London.

On a visit, you can experience everything from family-friendly, hands-on exhibitions to modern research facilities. You can also take an immersive ride on Mail Rail, London’s hidden underground railway, or visit Sorted, a popular children’s play space. 

As well as running an award-winning museum, we care for hundreds of thousands of objects and stories. Our collections tell the 500-year-old story of British postal communication and its continued impact on life around the world today.  

In our collection, you can find everything from vehicles, uniforms, pillar boxes and stamps to a 100-year-old postal railway and incredible stories of innovation, engineering, design and social history. 

We opened the museum in Farringdon, London, in 2017 and welcome over 130,000 visitors a year.  

The Postal Museum is the public identity of the Postal Heritage Trust, an independent charity created to protect and share our rich postal history and heritage. The Postal Heritage Trust started in 2004, but our origins date back much further. 

Our Mission and Vision

We tell the story of postal communication and its impact on a global society.  

We use our collection to explore stories around communication, and to inspire everyone to make richer and more meaningful connections in their lives.

Our work is guided by five core aims: 

  • Create welcoming experiences for anybody to connect with the museum and each other. 
  • Collaborate creatively to deliver content that meets our audience’s needs. 
  • Look after, develop and be curious about our collection to ensure the story of postal communication is relevant, inspiring and inclusive. 
  • Minimise the environmental impact of our activities and communicate effectively about our environmental responsibility. 
  • Develop a sustainable and dynamic business model to enable our work as a charity. 

Find out more about the museum’s Trustees and Team.

How we work

The museum’s values and a commitment to equality, diversity, equity and inclusion underpin everything we do. Together, our teams have defined what that means for us.

Alongside this, we want to make sure that our museum and its operation does not negatively impact the natural world. We have made a commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. The first step in this journey is to understand our current impact.

The Postal Museum is a Carbon Measured Organisation, certified by Natural Carbon Solutions.

Logo for Natural Carbon Solutions. We are a Carbon Measured Organisation.

  • Equality, equity, diversity and inclusion

    Equality means that all colleagues are valued and supported to serve audiences in the best ways whatever their background or personal characteristics.  

    Equity means we actively work to understand and address what stops colleagues and audiences from having the most meaningful experience possible. 

    Diversity means that regardless of background or personal characteristics, everyone can see themselves reflected in the stories we tell and in the organisation we are.   

    Inclusion means a culture where colleagues and audiences from all backgrounds and with different personal characteristics can confidently connect and communicate with each other.

  • Our values