Women Artists of the General Post Office

Explore our gallery celebrating Women's History Month with profiles of twelve of the GPO's resident poster artists.

We have thousands of posters in our collections. Every poster was designed to convey a particular message to the public – and sometimes to Post Office staff.

Each of the women featured in this gallery was a skilled professional, working to a brief to deliver a specific message.

Choose an artist to explore

  • Vanessa Bell, 1879-1961

    Be sure to post your letters early in the day!

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  • Lili Réthi, 1894-1969

    Not secret, not abandoned, never forgotten: the art of Mail Rail.

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  • Donia Nachshen, 1903-1987

    The Other Side of the Counter. GPO posters from the Second World War.

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  • Grace Golden, 1904-1993

    Part of the bigger picture: the people and buildings of the Post Office.

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  • Daphne Padden, 1927-2009

    Greetings telegrams for every occasion!

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  • Gladys Rees, 1898-1985

    Your handy red Post Office guide to London.

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  • Mildred Ratcliffe, 1899-1988

    Painterly posters of picturesque places. Fine art in the post office.

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  • Barbara Jones, 1912-1978

    Use the correct stamps on your postcard, and make sure you're covered.

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  • Dorrit Dekk, 1917-2014

    Peace, love, and the Post Office Savings Bank.

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  • Mrs Nina Siddle, of Lincoln TMO

    Did you check mate? Posters designed for - and by - Post Office employees.

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  • 'Victoria', 1915-1999

    Is your letter box too small? Is it in the wrong place? Don't worry, we have posters for that.

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  • Carol Barker, b.1938

    'By addressing correspondence as shown in this book the public will help the Post Office to maintain a high standard of efficiency.'

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