Mrs Nina Siddle, of Lincoln TMO

Did you Check Mate? IRP 162, 1961, POST 110/1644

In the early 1960s, the Joint Production Council (made up of management and union representatives) produced posters designed by ordinary members of Post Office staff. One competition winner was Nina Siddle who worked in the Telephone Manager’s Office, Lincoln. There are eight competition-winning posters from this period in The Royal Mail Archive.

More posters by staff

Nina Siddle wasn’t the only postal worker whose idea became a staff poster. Here are six more winning designs.

  • We're hungry for your ideas

    ‘We’re hungry for your ideas’. Based on a prize-winning design by Mr C J Tilley, Bournemouth TMO. IRP 166, 1962, POST 110/1646.

  • ‘Nobody to meet her because of a missort’. Based on a prize-winning design by Mr J Ellis and Mr H Patient, HPO Ilford and Barking. IRP 172, 1962, POST 110/1648.

  • A careful glance gives all a chance

    ‘A careful glance gives all a chance – watch those missorts!’. Poster designed by S Irwin. Based on a prize-winning design by G R Matthews, Eltham BO. IRP (H) 49, 1963, POST 110/1564.

  • Security!

    ‘Security!’. Based on a prize-winning design by Mr T Wilson, PHG Glasgow. I.R.P.(H)44, c.1960, POST 110/3990.

  • Keep your figures in line

    ‘Keep your figures in line’. Poster designed by Ray Campbell-Rogers. Based on a prize-winning design by Mr F T James, HPO Brecon. I.R.P. 164, c.1962, POST 110/1645.

  • Courtesy is contagious: Let's start an epidemic

    ‘Courtesy is contagious – Let’s start an epidemic’. Based on a prize-winning design by Mr H P Roberts, HPO Wrexham. IRP 168, 1962, POST 110/1647.

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