Sorted! The Postal Play Space for schools

45 minutes time slot per class. Learn through play in our immersive mini mail town for EYFS and KS1 children (aged 8 and under).
A teacher plays with her pupil in our miniature Post Office - a white shed with yellow trip. It says 'Post Office' in red font near the roof. The school child wears a red overall and red cap, as she is playing dress up. Her school uniform of a white polo shirt and blue jumper are peaking out.
A young smiling boy slides down a bright red slide, legs first. He is wearing a red bib and red hat, grey trousers and a white polo shirt.
A young boy and girl sit reading in a green space, sat on comfy green stools. The both hold a side of the large book each. The boy is laughing, the girl is concentrating.

Under 3’s area

Schools are welcome to play in this area too. Role play behind the Post Office counter and design a mini town with magnets and building blocks.

Mini Neighbourhood

Explore a mini neighbourhood, open doors to collect and deliver letters, drive a vintage post van and make a call in a red telephone box.

The Post Office

Get dressed for the job and help customers to weigh and stamp parcels. Write a telegram, and sort letters into pigeonholes ready to be posted.

Reading corner

From classics like The Jolly Postman to current storybook favourites, delve into stories about delivering the post.

The Sorting Office (large enough for two groups)

Over two floors, sort and scan letters and parcels on conveyer belts and use trolleys, pulleys and slides and chutes to move the mail.

Curriculum links

  • Nursery and Reception: Communication and Language, Understanding the World, Literacy, Physical Development, Maths
  • KS1/2 (up to Year 3): Literacy, Geography, History, Citizenship, Design, Technology, Maths

Get set for Sorted!

Show your students our Visual story (PDF) to get ready to stay and play in Sorted!

Top tip for first class fun

Your students will be excited to visit Sorted! We recommend your class explore in their small groups with an adult group leader. Adults can support independent, self-directed play by circulating each group between the themed areas. This will provide a meaningful learning experience and encourage children to engage in collaborative learning.

What teachers tell us

“Interactive, play based experience where children can explore all aspects of the mail system.” – Year 2 teacher

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