The Jolly Postman – Once Upon a Bicycle (Reception and KS1)

Take part in a lively literacy mission to deliver the post.
Rosie sits smiling, on what looks to be a red tractor. She is supporting a huge book titled 'The Jolly Postman'. Rosie has blonde hair and is wearing blue overalls and a train driver cap.
  • The Jolly Postman

    Help The Jolly Postman collect, sort and deliver the post for fairy tale characters. Take part in a lively literacy mission and use song, rhyme and Makaton signs to bring the story to life.

    Students will:

    • Learn how the post is collected, sorted and delivered
    • Discover characters from traditional tales
    • Work as a team to do the job of a postal worker


    Curriculum Links

    • Reception: Communication and Language, Understanding the World, Literacy
    • KS1: Literacy
  • Session information:

    • Reception and KS1
    • 45 minutes
    • Max 35 students
    • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


    Visit activities:

    The Jolly Postman, Exhibitions, Lunch slot, Mail Rail ride, Sorted! (optional)

    Visit cost:

    • The Jolly Postman with Mail Rail ride: £180 per class
    • The Jolly Postman with Mail Rail ride and Sorted!: £220 per class

Learning resources

The Jolly Postman learning resources


What teachers tell us

“A session full of wonder, suspense and inclusion- lots of the children are keen to teach others the sign language we learnt!” Reception teacher

“Our unit of inquiry is People Who Help Us – the session was perfect for building on our children’s knowledge about different occupations.” KS1 teacher