The Great Train Robbery: Crime & The Post

Explore the investigation into one of the most audacious crimes of the 20th Century and discover other stories of crime through the post.

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Explore one of the most audacious crimes of the 20th Century and the subsequent investigation, alongside other stories of crime through the post.

Revisit The Great Train Robbery and unearth the role of the Post Office’s own investigation department in piecing together this and other crimes, shedding light on the human stories of the victims through never before seen artefacts, objects and personal accounts. This exhibition is included in your ticket to the museum. All tickets must be booked in advance of your visit.


Exhibition highlights

  • High-value packets

    The £2.6 million stolen was wrapped up in high-value packets, dozens of which are on display.

  • The victims’ stories

    Recently released first-hand witness accounts from those onboard the train as the robbery took place.

  • The gang’s hideaway

    See rarely displayed evidence retrieved from Leatherslade Farm in a reconstruction of the farm’s kitchen.

  • Inside the investigation

    Read documents like observation reports detailing movements of the criminals, their associates and a suspect list.

  • The investigation office

    Step into an interactive 1960s postal investigation office to piece together crimes and uncover investigation techniques.

  • Crime prevention gadgets

    Other crimes, from mass murder to forgeries, the curious inventions and gadgets created to foil them and the Post Office’s role in tracking down the perpetrators.