Explore the surprising history of one of the greatest of British inventions, the post – the beginnings of the earliest social network.

From cryptic Victorian Valentine cards to a lion encountered on Salisbury Plain. And the odd pistol, too. There’s nothing ordinary about the story of the post.

Permanent exhibitions

Mail Rail and The Postal Museum exhibitions are in two separate buildings on Phoenix Place connected by a zebra crossing.

Get up close to designs by giants of 20th century graphic art who designed posters for Transport for London as well.
Fend off highway men (and the odd lionness) in our mail coach game. Can you deliver the mail on time?
Whole sheet of Penny Blacks, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, are among many innovations on display.
Postbuses used both to deliver mail to remote or rural areas and ferry passengers.
See what you'd like like delivery post in our replica Post Masters wardrobe.
Send a secret message to a friend (or stranger) and watch your messages wizz over head.

Current temporary exhibitions

Our temporary exhibitions are included in the museum ticket. Here’s what you can see now when you visit the museum.