Cracking Code Breakers (KS2)

Teach the story of Colossus, the General Post Office, Tommy Flowers and Second World War code breaking in your classroom.

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CREST SuperStar Challenges

Topics 2 and 3 include British Science Association CREST SuperStar Challenges. Run the Challenges and download CREST SuperStar stickers.

  • 01 - The GPO - The Heart of Communication

    Learn how General Post Office engineers worked hard to build Colossus and discuss the skills needed to be an engineer.

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  • 02 - Tommy Who?

    Learn about sending secret messages and work as a team to gather data and design a machine to solve a problem. 

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  • 03 - Building Colossus

    Learn about the original blueprint for Colossus, how to read a map, design a blueprint and make a scale drawing.

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  • 04 - Cryptic Messages

    Learn how secret messages were sent using binary code and tapes, design a code and write a cryptic message.

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  • 05 - Cracking the Code

    Learn how to decipher different codes and work as a team to translate a message from German.

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  • 06 - Digital Security

    Learn about digital security, discuss how to protect our personal information and what makes a strong password.

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