Learning resources

Bring your lessons to life with our cross-curricular resources including videos, games, teachers’ notes and activity ideas.
  • The Jolly Postman (Reception/KS1)

    Imaginative activities to make links between fact and fiction and support literacy learning across the curriculum.

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  • Pop it in the Post (KS1/2)

    Learning resource, film and an animated game to reveal how a little piece of paper, the Penny Black, changed the way people communicate forever.

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  • Cracking Code Breakers (KS2)

    Teach the story of Colossus, Tommy Flowers, code breaking and early computing.

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  • Last Post: The Postal Service in the First World War (KS1/2)

    Real archival documents, photographs, maps, activities and PowerPoints to teach the story of the postal service at war.

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  • Mail Rail CREST SuperStar Challenges (KS2)

    Investigate the Science behind Mail Rail in your classroom

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  • Activities to keep connected

    Activities to help your class experience writing for pleasure and reflect on how we can keep connected through the post.

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