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About the stamp album

Born Farrokh Bulsara, Freddie Mercury spent his early life in Zanzibar, a small island off the east coast of Africa. Influenced by his father’s passion for the hobby, Freddie collected stamps throughout his childhood.

The album mostly has stamps from the British Commonwealth along with some from Eastern Europe. His artistic talent can be seen in the creation of the album pages with stamps often stuck symmetrically by shape or design.

Freddie’s stamp album is a rare insight into the early life of a man who would become one of Britain’s most memorable performers.

Freddie on stamps

View a selection of stamps featuring Freddie Mercury.

Magic Tour, 2020
Queen in 1974, 2020
Album Cover 'Queen II', 2020
Album Cover 'Sheer Heart Attack', 2020
Album Cover 'The Works', 2020
Album Cover 'Greatest Hits', 2020
Album Cover 'The Game', 2020

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