Philatelic collection

We care for a range of philatelic and postal history material including registration sheets, metal dies and plates, and modern stamp artwork.

A downloadable glossary of philatelic terms, compiled from a variety of sources, can be downloaded here.

  • Freddie Mercury's Stamp Album

    Explore the pages of Freddie Mercury's stamp album.

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  • British stamps

    Our collection comprises registration sheets, essays (trial stamps) and proofs of all stages of British stamp production from 1840 to the present day.

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  • R M Phillips Collection

    In 1965, Reginald M Phillips donated his award-winning collection of British Victorian stamps to the nation. It is now in our care.

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  • British postal stationery

    Our collections of postal stationery date from 1840 to the present day.

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  • British postal markings

    Datestamps, rate markings, indications of the origin, route and arrival of mail, and evidence of automatic cancelling and sorting.

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  • Universal Postal Union stamps

    The Postal Museum's collection comprises all the stamps sent out by the UPU from 1874 until now, together with some examples of imprinted postal stationery.

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  • Stamp Histories

    In-depth studies into the production of British stamps from George V to Elizabeth II.

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Caring for stamps and postal history

Do you have a collection? Read advice for preserving a collection of stamps or postal history.


You can search collection records in the online catalogue and study material from our archives by visiting The Discovery Room.

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