18 Oct - Sept 2024
The Postal Museum
Included in museum ticket

You can spot your postie by their brightly coloured get-up, but what’s the history of their uniform and how has it changed?

From smartly dressed Victorians and their buffed buttons to modern posties and their all-weather active wear, take a closer look at postal uniforms. 

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Discover the battles won for uniform equality and the right to express identity, from the first female posties in trousers to important changes reflecting the cultural diversity of the UK’s postal workforce.

Explore how uniforms impact how you think and feel, when you’re wearing one and when you see them. And hear from postal workers past and present about what their uniforms mean to them. 

This hands-on exhibition at The Postal Museum is perfect for the whole family and is included with entry to the museum.  


We spoke to some Royal Mail posties about their uniforms.