The Jolly Postman (Reception/KS1)

Teachers’ notes, interactive PowerPoints and activity ideas to make links between the fictional narrative of The Jolly Postman and the real history of the post.

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  • 01 About The Jolly Postman books

    Learn about the art of illustration, rhymes and fairy tales and how the Post Office use word play.

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  • 02 Addressed and Stamped

    Learn about postcodes, stamps, postcodes, different types of post, how to write and send a letter or post a parcel.

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  • 03 A Day in the life of a postie

    Learn how posties deliver the post to unusual and remote addresses, plot a route on a map and plan an interview with a postie.

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  • 04 Tricky Situations

    Learn about dangers and perils faced by posties through time, write a news report and design your own Postal Museum.

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  • 05 Clothes for the job

    Learn what posties wear in hot and cold weather and around the world and design your own rain jacket and snow goggles.

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