Digitisation studio

Filled with specialist equipment, our digitisation studio allows us to digitise our own archive and museum collections. We can help with yours too!

Our studio is fitted out with specialist equipment to produce high-quality digital images of archive files and volumes, books, posters, maps, paintings, photographs and 3D objects.

'For all happy occasions send Greetings Telegrams', artwork for a poster, 1950 (POST 109/408)

‘For all happy occasions send Greetings Telegrams’, artwork for a poster, 1950 (POST 109/408)

Our work

We work very closely with our Collections team to ensure digitisation is an integral part of our collections management process, fitting in with our conservation and access programmes.

Our photographers have considerable experience of digitising many kinds of objects, with particular experience of handling fragile and unique material. We also have experience of teaching photography, which we use to pass on skills and knowledge to apprentices, volunteers and other organisations.

We like to stay up to date with new technology. Recently we’ve been learning how to create 3D models of objects using a technique known as photogrammetry. This involves taking photographs of an object from many angles and feeding them into a computer program, which runs through them all to compute each part of the object and create a 3D model.

Using our museum collection as subjects, we have now built up a portfolio of 3D models which can be viewed by the public on our Sketchfab site.


Digitisation Studio at the Postal Museum

Digitisation doesn’t just end with our collections. Our digitisation services can work for you too. From friendly, professional advice and consultation services, to undertaking digitisation projects small and large, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

With our professional conservation and digitisation staff, and a high-quality environment to match, we can give your collections the same level of care that we give our own. Why not get in touch?

To discuss a digitisation project with us, email digitisation@postalmuseum.org.