Curator Joanna shares her experience of how getting her parcel fix kept her connected with her family during lockdown.

I celebrated my birthday shortly before lockdown began, planning to go shopping with my mum a few weeks later to choose a birthday treat. Obviously, when lockdown came clothes shops shut, so the shopping trip was out of the question, as was seeing my mum.

A friend told me about Stitch Fix before lockdown. You basically receive a lucky dip of clothes, delivered to your door in a pretty box. You have to pay for what you keep, obviously, but it still feels a bit like you’ve been sent a treat in the post. I really wanted to do something fun to take my mind off the seriousness of the pandemic, so I placed an order and expectantly watched the arrival of our postman every day until the delivery of my first ‘fix’.

Once I opened the box and unwrapped the tissue, I video called my mum after trying on each item to hear her opinion. We laughed at how I’d asked to receive office clothes when my new work-from-home look was largely based on elasticated waistbands and baggy t-shirts. We ‘ooohed’ and ‘aaahhed’ at a beautiful printed dress, which we agreed would look great at a wedding, so obviously not something I’d need anytime soon.

The best thing about receiving the Stitch Fix parcel in the post was having something to look forward to, having a giggle, trying on clothes, talking about something normal, talking about nothing at all and feeling connected to my family.

And my mum bought me a lovely new jumper for my birthday. Thank you!

Have you received post during the pandemic that had a special meaning to you? Take part in our new project to document the COVID-19 crisis. Help us capture this moment in history by submitting suggestions of items such as letters, cards or parcels and add to our 500-year-old story.

– Joanna Espin, Curator

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