Wallace & Gromit Stamps Exhibit

Date: 1 December 2018 – 22 July 2019

Included in General Admission and Exhibition only tickets.

Just in time for Christmas The Postal Museum exhibition will feature two much-loved clay characters, Wallace and Gromit (and some other friends). This exhibit takes you behind the scenes at Aardman revealing the creative process of making a special set of Christmas stamps for Royal Mail. From creator Nick Park’s original concept sketches to scenes inside the studio, you will get a unique insight into the magic of Aardman and the craft of stamp design.

  • Concept Drawings

    On display are original sketches by Nick Park as he experimented with revealing some of Wallace & Gromit’s Christmas traditions.

  • Colour Sketches

    The exhibit also features colour sketches, as we explore the evolution of the designs from initial concept through to the final issued stamps.

  • Production Shots

    With these photographs, courtesy of Aardman, we can take you behind the camera to show you how they create these intricate scenes.

  • Issued Stamps

    The stamps showcase these wonderful designs, reduced to stamp-size but still including the detail and humour we expect from these national treasures.

Sneak Peak

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