Mail Rail Science Show: How Technology Solved a Problem (KS3)

Discover the railway that moved mail under London for over 75 years.
Mail Rail Science Show

Mail Rail Science Show

KS3 Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering, History, Geography, Citizenship

In this session

Travel through time to meet engineers and find out about early attempts to use pneumatic power to move the mail underground. Take part in fun live experiments, learn engineering skills, and explore the scientific principles behind the world’s first driverless electric railway.

Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

Cost: £100 per session plus VAT

Group size: 30 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day

Adult : pupil ratio 1:10 (plus SEND support staff)

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Prepare for your visit: Mail Rail CREST SuperStar Challenges accredited by the British Science Association.


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