The Future of Mail: Mail Rail Discovery Challenge Day (KS2/3)

Inspire future engineers with the historical story of engineering ingenuity.

Available 2–4 October and 27–29 November
Duration 10:00 – 14:00: 4 hours including Mail Rail ride and 30-minute lunch break
Cost £120 plus VAT per class (plus £3.50 for Mail Rail ride per pupil, adults within ratios and SEND support. Additional adults pay group rate)
Group size 60 pupils max, 2 classes per day
Adult : pupil ratio 1:10 (plus SEND support staff)
KS2/3 (years 5 – 9) Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering, Geography, Literacy

(Differentiated for year group).

Mail Rail was the engineering achievement of its day, reliably moving the mail under London for over 75 years. Over time though, the needs of the country changed and will do again in future.

The Challenge:

The year is 2050. Students must design a real-life delivery system for the future. Students must be ambitious, original and think big!

Led by skilled facilitators, students will discuss, evaluate and take inspiration from transport methods tested by the postal service through time – from Mail coaches to Mail Rail. The task is to design a new transport method that is environmentally-friendly, research where to locate it in their area, make a prototype, design a marketing campaign and pitch the idea to their class.

Project teams will:

  • Ride Mail Rail and visit the Mail Rail exhibition galleries
  • Evaluate transport methods used by the postal service
  • Research the local area
  • Develop new transport ideas
  • Make a prototype
  • Develop a marketing campaign
  • Pitch their ideas to the class

CREST Discovery Award

Future Mail is accredited by the British Science Association. Students will complete a CREST Discovery Pass as part of their visit and schools can use the project to request CREST Discovery Certificates.

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