Secondary schools

Facilitator-led, enquiry-based workshops and science challenges to spark imagination, discussion and support learning across the curriculum.

Sessions are available as Outreach as indicated.

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Key Stage 3

  • Last Post: The Postal Service in the First World War (KS3)

    Use archival documents, photographs, maps and objects to reflect on the experience of the First World War.

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  • Mail Rail Science Show: How Technology Solved a Problem (KS3)

    Travel through time to meet engineers and find out about early attempts to move the mail underground.

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  • The Future of Mail: Mail Rail Discovery Challenge Day (KS2/3)

    Inspire future engineers with the historical story of engineering ingenuity.

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  • Sorting office visits (KS2/3)

    Exclusive access behind the scenes of the Mount Pleasant sorting office (suitable for pupils aged 8 and over).

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  • First World War Archive visits (KS2/3)

    Find out what original items, including letters, postcards, maps and uniform, can tell us about the First World War.

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We can bring our engaging and inspiring stories to you.

  • Outreach workshops

    Workshops, storytelling sessions and science shows are available as Outreach within Greater London as indicated.

    Cost: £180 per session, max 30 pupils per session

    Schools can book additional workshops for £100 (up to three sessions per day)

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  • Stamps in Schools

    Stamps are little windows into the history of the World. Their designs can support teaching across the curriculum.

    Workshops are delivered by Erene Grieve, a retired teacher.

    Free 1-hour sessions available across the UK (up to two sessions per day)

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