Recover the wreck(KS2)

Are you ready to be an underwater marine explorer?
Sunken Stories KS2 workshop

Sunken Stories KS2 workshop

KS2 Science, Technology, Maths, Engineering, Geography, History, Literacy
Suitable for Years 3 – 6 (differentiated for year group)

In this workshop

Work as marine archaeologists to explore a Second World War ship hidden at the bottom of the sea.

Investigate the science behind how items including precious letters survived underwater for over 75 years. Handle original objects recovered from the SS Gairsoppa and discover what they tell us about life during the Second World War.

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Duration:  45 minutes

Cost: £100 (+VAT) per workshop (£120 inc. VAT)

Group size: 35 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day

Adult : pupil ratio  (KS2) 1:6 (plus SEND support staff)

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