Spies, Lies and Pigeons (KS2)

In the First World War 12 million letters were sent every week.

Spies, Lies and Pigeons workshop

KS1/2 History, Geography, Literacy, Maths, Drama
Suitable for Years 1 – 6 (differentiated for year group)

In this workshop

Meet a First World War post lady or soldier in the Post Office Rifles. Discover how the postal service delivered millions of letters every day to people around the world. Take on communications challenges to sort and censor letters and cut the telegraph wire in No Man’s Land.

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost per workshop: £100 +VAT (£120 inc.VAT)

Group size: 35 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day

Adult : pupil ratio 1:6 (plus SEND support staff)

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