Spies, Lies and Pigeons: Communications in the First World War (KS1/2)

In the First World War letters took just two days to reach the Front Line and over 12 million letters were sent every day.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Duration 45-minute workshop
Cost £100 per session plus VAT
Group size 30 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day
Adult : pupil ratio 1:6 (plus SEND support staff)
KS1/2 History, Geography, Literacy, Maths, Drama

Suitable for Years 2 – 6 (differentiated for year group)

Meet a First World War post lady or a soldier in the Post Office Rifles and through their stories discover how the postal service maintained communications on the home and fighting fronts. Get hands-on with original objects, sort and censor letters for the Front Line, cut the wire in No Man’s Land and take part in a dramatic reconstruction of the heroic flight of carrier pigeon Cher Ami.

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Go Behind the Scenes with a special First World War archive visit. Selected dates in October and November.

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