Last Post: The Postal Service in the First World War (KS2)

The First World War left a lasting impact on the postal service. Over 12,500 men fought in the Post Office Rifles and women stepped into their jobs.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Duration 45-minute workshop
Cost £100 per session plus VAT
Group size 30 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day
Adult : pupil ratio  (KS2) 1:6 (plus SEND support staff)
KS2 History, Geography, Citizenship, Literacy, Drama

Years 4 – 6 (differentiated for year group)

Working in groups, use historical enquiry skills to investigate postbags containing archival material, objects, letters and photographs. Examine this evidence to write and censor postcards from wartime postal workers, discuss empathy, remembrance and reflect on the experience of going to war.

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