Engineers: GOOD IDEAS!

Available Mondays – Fridays
Duration 45 minutes (storytelling and dress up)
Cost £100 per session plus VAT
Group size 30 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day
Adult:pupil ratio 1:3 (FDN) 1:4 (KS1) (plus SEND support staff)
FDN Design and Technology, Understanding the World, Communication and Language
KS1 Design and Technology, Science, Maths, History and Geography

Meet a postal engineer with a GOOD IDEA! Use song, movement, role play and dress up to dig deep under London and discover the story of Mail Rail. Compare old and new, explore pushes, pulls, forces and shapes, and work together to build a strong tunnel to move mail underground.

Differentiated for FDN/KS1

Dress for the job Make your own Mail Rail hard hat

Outreach available

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