Cracking Code Breakers: Engineering Colossus, the World’s First Programmable Computer (KS2)

Discover the lesser known story of the General Post Office’s (GPO) role in wartime codebreaking.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Duration 1-hour workshop
Cost £100 per session plus VAT
Group size 30 pupils max, up to 3 classes per day
Adult : pupil ratio (KS2) 1:6 (plus SEND support staff)
KS2 Computing, History, Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths

Suitable for Years 5 – 6 (differentiated for year group)

Help Chief Post Office engineer Tommy Flowers to build Colossus, the machine that cracked top secret messages from Hitler! Step inside the Post Office Engineering Research Station at Dollis Hill, brought to life through archival film and objects. Learn about codes and ciphers, take on engineering tasks, and reconstruct Colossus to reveal its vital role in the D-Day landings.

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