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Enrich classroom teaching with our free downloadable learning resources.

Bring your lessons to life. Interactive cross-curricular resources including videos, games, lesson plans, teachers’ notes and activity ideas.

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  • Cracking Code Breakers

    Discover the story of Colossus, the General Post Office (GPO), Tommy Flowers and Second World War code breaking through interactive powerpoints, activities and film clips for KS2/3.

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  • The Jolly Postman

    Help The Jolly Postman deliver his letters in imaginative activities to support literacy learning across the curriculum.

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  • Mail Rail CREST SuperStar Challenges

    Take part in Mail Rail CREST SuperStar activities to investigate the Science behind Mail Rail in your classroom and receive Mail Rail SuperStar stickers which can count towards a CREST AWARD.

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  • Pop it in the Post

    Through a learning resource, a live-action film and an animated game, we reveal how a little piece of paper, the Penny Black, changed the way people communicate forever.

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  • Last Post: The Postal Service in the First World War

    Use real archival documents such as photographs, maps and letters to bring the story of the postal service at war to life in your classroom.

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  • Activity sheets

    Get your students involved in their learning. Activity ideas ranging from building a rocket to writing secret messages.

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