Mail by Bike and 50th Anniversary ‘F’ Type Letter Box Stamps coming to The Postal Museum

We’re pleased to announce that The Royal Mail Heritage Transport Post & Go stamps featuring Mail by Bike will be available from The Postal Museum’s Post & Go machine from 12 September 2018.

Mail by Bike Presentation Pack

The stamps will replace the Mail Coach design and feature six historical types of bikes and motorbikes used for the delivery of mail. From the 1882 five-wheeled Pentacycle that was trialled but never entered wider service to the 2002 Quad Bike, used by Royal Mail on more difficult terrain. All designs are available as 1st class and will run until November 2018.

The 50th anniversary of the ‘F’ type letter box will also be celebrated with an overprint reading ‘F’ Box 50’ on the Machin designs from 12 September 2018. This will be available on all values, both 1st and 2nd class. The box will be exhibited at Autumn Stampex and later at The Postal Museum.

The stamp featuring the iconic 1968 square letter box will replace the unoverprinted Machin designs and will be last until November 2018.

A limited edition of 400 First Day Covers for the ‘F’ type letter box issue along with 400 First Day Covers and a Presentation Pack for the Mail by Bike issue will be available to purchase from The Postal Museum’s shop and online.

The Post & Go machine is available at The Postal Museum during normal opening hours.