Take a look at the latest progress – above and below ground – as work on The Postal Museum presses ahead…

Work underway on the Mail Rail track

Things are moving fast down in Mail Rail. The Manager’s Office – which Dan Snow began removing last month – has now completely gone, and the welding shed and stairs have made way too. Some of the most exciting work is happening on the track, getting the rails ready for intrepid visitors to ride.

Exterior view of Calthorpe House, soon to be home of The Postal Museum, March 2016

Up above, the ground around Calthorpe House is clear and the ‘piles’ – supports driven deep into the ground to give strong foundations – are now in place. Soon to be buried out of sight, they will play an important role bolstering the archive above for years to come.

The interior of Calthorpe House, where The Postal Museum's exhibitions will live

Inside, the space looks calm and empty – a blank canvas for our exhibitions to fill with stories as the year progresses.

Curious for more? Have a browse through further images of the latest exciting progress or explore the rest of our site:

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