Displaying Freddie Mercury’s Childhood Stamp Album

See the album in a new display marking Pride 50.

Visitors to The Postal Museum will be able to see Freddie Mercury’s stamp album from 13 July until 30 October 2022, as part of a display to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UK Pride movement.

The album consists predominately of stamps from the British Commonwealth and reveals not only Freddie’s early life in Zanzibar, but also his artistic talent.

Freddie Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara (1946-1991), spent his early life in Zanzibar where his father Bomi worked for the British Colonial Office. Bomi’s passion for stamp collecting was passed on to his son who is believed to have collected throughout his childhood.

After the family moved to the UK in the 1960s Freddie studied graphic design at the Ealing College of Art. His artistic talent can be seen in the creation of the pages. The designs often use the stamps’ shape and colour to produce symmetry on the page.

We’re delighted to be able to show this rare item from Freddie Mercury’s childhood for the first time at the museum, which is a surprising insight into the early life of a man who is remembered across the world for his incredible musical prowess and theatrical stage presence.

The album was purchased at auction in 1993 with the proceeds going to the AIDS charity, Mercury Phoenix Trust. Since then, the album has been displayed at stamp shows in the UK, Prague, and Australia as well as touring exhibitions.

As well as seeing pages from the album in the museum, visitors will be able to explore the entire 54-page album page-by page here on the website.

Alongside the album, the museum will display a new set of eight stamps issued by Royal Mail on 1 July to celebrate 50 years of UK Pride. These are the first UK stamps to feature a design celebrating the pride movement. They were art-directed by NB Studio and illustrated by the award-winning artist Sofie Birkin.

Explore the entire 54-page album page-by page here on The Postal Museum website.

View Freddie Mercury’s Stamp Album.