Time for another update on our exciting project, and things have come along in leaps and bounds. Take a quick journey behind the scenes…

Let’s start above ground, where another floor has been added to the archive building:


You won’t get this view for long – these gaps in the structure of the first floor’s walls will soon be filled:


And here’s one I made earlier! Just below, the ground floor is solid and much closer to being ready to house our treasures:


Further into the building, the light is shining through our gallery-spaces-to-be:


And you can see the potential of the cleared-out top floor:


We know you love a view of the tunnels, so let’s head down to Mail Rail:


Where strange, jellyfish-looking constructions turn out to be piles, which will bear the weight of developments above:


What lies in this mysterious pit, you wonder? Discarded railway treasures? Maybe some Roman ruins?


Sadly not – this is where we’re putting a new waste tank. There has to be a space for everything!
To find out more about The Postal Museum and what we’re doing in Mail Rail, have a look around our website generally and watch our blog for further updates.