11 September - 6 November / 10:00 - 17:00
Discovery Room, First Floor, The Postal Museum
Tickets not required

Visit the Discovery Room in The Postal Museum for mini-exhibitions on Post Office Cats, RMS Leinster and the famous prank letters of playwright Joe Orton as Mrs Edna Welthorpe.

150 years of Post Office Cats

Dates: 11 – 29 September

In September 1868 the Post Office appointed its first official mousers. Through selected material from the Royal Mail Archive, we illustrate the story of postal cats over the next century.

RMS Leinster

2 – 16 October
23 October – 6 November

Display marking the 100th anniversary of the 1918 sinking of a mailboat on its way from Ireland to Wales by a German U-boat; the greatest single loss of life in the Irish Sea.

Bloomsbury Festival 2018 Yours Faithfully, Edna Welthorpe (Mrs) – Joe Orton’s Prank Letters

Dates: 17 – 20 October

A display of Orton-related archive material, such as the Edna letters and a selection of library book covers creatively doctored by Joe and his partner Kenneth Halliwell whilst living locally in Islington.

The Discovery Room is open all year round to visitors who wish to find out more about the history of the postal service and study original archive material.

150 years of Post Office Cats. 11 – 29 September 2018
RMS Leinster. 2 – 16 October, and 23 October – 6 November.
Joe Orton’s Prank Letters. 17 – 20 October 2018