Until 14 July 2018 / 10:00 - 17:00
Discovery Room, First Floor, The Postal Museum
Tickets not required

From June to July, visit The Discovery Room in The Postal Museum to view two mini-exhibitions on Helicopter Mail and Joyce’s Ulysses.

Helicopter Mail: 1-15 June

We display materials from the Archive to mark the 70th anniversary of the first helicopter-operated public mail service.

A black and white photo of a Helicopter mail trial in Norfolk. Postal staff surround a helicopter.

Helicopter mail trials in Norfolk, 1948. (POST 118/1959)

Joyce’s Ulysses: 16 June – 14 July

To mark the day the novel is set (16 June, or Bloomsday) we display our rare copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses, confiscated from the post for obscene content.

A photo of a first edition copy of Ulysses by James Joyce.

‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, First Edition, as intercepted in the post, 1922. (POST 23/220)

The Discovery Room is open all year round to visitors who wish to find out more about the history of the postal service and study original archive material.