January - December 2018 / 10:00 - 18:00
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Just for Patrons

Patrons receive exclusive invitations to see exhibitions, events, and private collections, as well as other benefits including free entry to the Museum and Mail Rail.

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Clapham South Deep Shelter (April 2018)
Behind the Scenes: Houses of Parliament (June 2018)
Behind the Scenes: Lord's Cricket Ground (August 2018)
Mail Rail with Cocktails (October 2018)
Patrons Christmas Lunch (December 2018)

2018 Patron Events

Bletchley Park – Thursday 8 February
Join an exclusive private tour of the once top-secret world of iconic Codebreaking Huts and Blocks nestled within an atmospheric Victorian estate.

Preview: Voices from the Deep – Tuesday 27 March
See our brand new temporary exhibition, Voices from the Deep, before it opens to the public. On display are hundreds of letters and documents that survived the sinking of the SS Gairsoppa in 1941.

Behind the Scenes: Clapham South Deep Shelter – Tuesday 24 April
Enjoy a private tour of this half-forgotten subterranean relic of the Second World War featuring medical stations, secret bunkers and shelters. Organised in conjunction with Hidden London, and led by one of their expert tour guides.

Behind the Scenes: Houses of Parliament – Friday 22 June
See both Parliamentary Chambers and a tour of their extensive archive. Parliament, arguably London’s most famous and iconic landmark, has a wide (and historically important) collection, making this private tour a must-see.

Behind the Scenes: Lord’s Cricket Ground – Thursday 2 August
Visit their archive, impressive grounds and even stay to watch a match. Whether you are a cricket fan or keen to see their extensive library of sports-related letters and stamps, this visit will offer something for everyone.

Mail Rail with Cocktails – Wednesday 24 October
All aboard! We invite you to ride Mail Rail and journey back in time through the original tunnels and station platforms under Mount Pleasant, followed by cocktails in the depot.

Patrons Christmas Dinner – Monday 10 December
Celebrate the year with us at our annual Patrons Christmas Dinner. Key members of staff from the Museum will join us as we reflect on the year’s achievements and our plans for the coming year.