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These online exhibitions share extraordinary Postal Museum stories, hosted by Google Arts & Culture:

  • Pop it in the Post: The World at the End of Your Street

    Discover how ordinary people gained the ability to keep in touch through the post.

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  • Post Haste: Unusual and Bizarre Deliveries

    Cats, balloons, rockets and pneumatic cars: The delivery methods we've tried are incredible...

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  • Be My Valentine

    From beautiful, elegant expressions of love to humiliating 'Vinegar Valentines', Valentine's cards have quite a history!

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  • Last Post: Remembering the First World War

    The Post Office played a vital and varied role during the First World War. See just a few of these incredible stories.

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  • Christmas through the Post

    Where did Christmas cards come from? Dive into the story of how we celebrate the season!

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  • The Great Train Robbery: The Aftermath

    Examine the events and impact of the Great Train Robbery through insights from our archive.

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