Sponsor a Sleeper

Rather than letters and parcels, we welcome our sponsors on a journey of discovery on the new Mail Rail ride in the underground world of our historic postal service.

The wooden sleepers that lie beneath the rails of Mail Rail have seen billions of letters, parcels and postcards pass safely overhead, travelling across the country and the world, carrying a multitude of messages of every sort and sentiment. Make your pledge today!

Sponsor benefits

As a Sleeper Sponsor you will receive a range of benefits for your £300 donation:

  • Sponsorship of a Mail Rail Sleeper with an engraved plaque
  • A certificate of Mail Rail Sleeper Sponsorship in your exclusive Welcome Pack
  • Two complimentary tickets to ride Mail Rail
  • An invitation to join a unique ‘Walk the Rails’ event in order to experience the tunnels on foot, with the opportunity to visit your sleeper

Will you join us and ensure that this unique system can continue to run smoothly for future generations via our campaign to sponsor a Mail Rail Sleeper?


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