Sponsor a Sleeper

Sponsor a Sleeper today and join us on an exclusive walking tour through the tunnels of Mail Rail.

Our wooden sleepers need constant care, and many need restoration to ensure that they can continue to carry thousands of visitors a year through the tunnels of Mail Rail.

For a donation of £300 you can enjoy exclusive benefits and help us to care for this marvel of engineering for generations to come.

Benefits for Sponsors

As a Sleeper Sponsor, you will receive for your £300 donation:

  • An engraved plaque with a name of your choice on a Mail Rail Sleeper for five years
  • An invitation for two to join a unique ‘Walk the Rails’ tour to visit your sleeper and to explore the secret underground tunnels with us
  • Two more opportunities for you and a guest to join our ‘Walk the Rails’ tours over five years
  • Two complimentary tickets to ride Mail Rail during each of your tours
  • A certificate of Mail Rail Sleeper Sponsorship in your exclusive Welcome Pack

Read the full Sponsor a Sleeper Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Donate today and our team will get in touch to confirm your plaque details and dates for Walk the Rails tours. If you have any questions, please contact us at development@postalmuseum.org

Join an exclusive tour through the tunnels
Engraved plaque on a Mail Rail sleeper
Complimentary tickets to ride Mail Rail
Engrave a plaque with the name of your choice