Vacatcy Postal Museum Puss

Following the passing of Tibs the Great, the last great Post Office cat, The Postal Museum searched for 12 volunteer mousers to fill the vacancy in our first year of opening.
September Winners – Artemis & Apollo © 2017 @themainecoonlife

Each month, a successful cat-pplicant was appointed to the ceremonial role of Postal Museum Cat (PMC). PMCs are expected to work from home so must be reliable purr-fessionals. While a volunteer position, there are great purrks, including provision of an official hat (modelled above by our September winners Artemis & Apollo).

To apply, owners submitted a photo of their cat to The Postal Museum on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using @ThePostalMuseum and the hashtags #jobsfurcats and #catsinhats.

A template hat is available to download to aid candidates with their cat-pplication.

Download – The Postal Museum Cat Hat Template

Applications for 2018 Christmas temp position is now open and will be closing on Sunday 16 December.

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