The artwork on stamps covers a huge range of historical events and subjects. For the month of October Assistant Curator Georgina has found a stamp for everyday.

Just to show that stamps cover a wide range of subjects, I thought I’d try and find a stamp for every day of October.

Week one

1st – The first Ford Model T from The Ford Motor Company went on sale on the 1st of October 1908.

2nd – The last King of The House of York, Richard III was born on the 2nd of October 1452.

3rd – On the 3rd of October 1896 the renowned textile designer William Morris died, a friend of many of the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

4th – The first run of the famous Orient Express train from Paris to Istanbul left on the 4th of October 1883.

5th – The first broadcast of Monty Python’s Flying Circus aired on the 5th of October 1969.

6th – The author behind The Charge of the Light Brigade, Lord Alfred Tennyson died on the 6th of October 1892.

7th – It wasn’t until the 7th of October 1920 that women became full members of Oxford University and could officially graduate.

1st - Ford 'Model T' and 'Escort', 19½p, British Motor Industry, 1982
2nd - Richard III, 69p, The House of Lancaster and York, 2008
3rd - Strawberry Thief, 15½p, British Textiles, 1982
4th - Murder on The Orient Express, 1st NVI, Agatha Christie, 2016
5th - Monty Python, 1st NVI, Comedy Greats, 2015
6th - Tennyson in 1888, 24p, Death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1992
7th - The Queen's College Oxford, 1st NVI, UK A-Z (Part 2), 2012

Week two

8th – Clement Attlee died on the 8th of October 1967, as Prime Minister he improved social services and introduced the National Health Service.

9th – The Beatles’ singer and songwriter John Lennon was born on the 9th of October 1940.

10th – On the 10th of October 1903 The Women’s Social and Political Union had their first meeting, they would later be nicknamed the suffragettes.

11th – The World Cup winning footballer Sir Bobby Moore was born on the 11th of October 1937.

12th – Edward VI was born to Henry VIII and Jane Seymour on the 12th of October 1537 and became King at the tender age of 9 years old.

13th – The first published story of the marmalade loving bear – Paddington was on the 13th of October 1958.

14th – King Harold is believed to have been killed with an arrow to the eye at the Battle of Hastings on the 14th of October 1066.

8th - Hands Forming Heart, 20p, Health, 1998
9th - Let it Be, 72p, The Beatles, 2007
10th - Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst, 9d, British Anniversaries, 1968
11th - Bobby Moore, 26p, Millennium Series 'The Entertainers' Tale', 1999
12th - Edward VI, 62p, The House of Tudor, 2009
13th - Paddington Bear, 1st NVI, Animal Tales, 2006
14th - Battle of Hastings, 4d, 1966

Week three

15th – Michael Fish, BBC Weather presenter, famously denied the coming hurricane in Briton on the 15th of October 1987.

16th – The love story of Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester was first published on the 16th of October 1847.

17th – Mother Teresa the Catholic Saint was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 17th of October 1979.

18th – The first broadcast of the children’s show The Magic Roundabout was on the 18th of October 1965.

19th – Jackie Stewart on the 19th of October 1969 wins the 20th Formula One World Drivers Championship by 26 points.

20th – The first monarch of the House of Hanover, George I, was crowned on the 20th of October 1714, as the closest protestant relative of Queen Anne.

21st – Lord Horatio Nelson dies at the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805 and to preserve his body he was transported back to England in a cask of Brandy.

15th - Stormy, 42p, Weather, 2001
16th - Charlotte Bronte, 12p, Famous Authoresses, 1980
17th - Nobel Peace Prize, E, Centenary of Nobel Prizes, 2001
18th - Dougal, 1st NVI, Classic Children's TV, 2014
19th - Jackie Stewart, 54p, Grand Prix, 2007
20th - George I, 1st NVI, House of Hannover, 2011
21st - Nelson wounded on Deck, 1st NVI, Bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, 2005

Week four

22nd – The first rugby game to be performed under floodlights took place on the 22nd of October 1878 between Broughton and Swinton.

23rd – The London premier of ‘Shadowlands’ the love story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham took place on the 23rd of October 1989.

24th – Jane Seymour, the third wife Henry VIII and the only wife to give him a son died on the 24th of October 1537.

25th – Lord Cardigan led The Charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War on the 25th of October 1854.

26th – Winston Churchill became Prime Minister for the second time on the 26th of October 1951.

27th – Captain James Cook, the commander of the Endeavour was born on the 27th of October 1728.

28th – Howard Carter discovered the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s funeral mask on the 28th of October 1925.

22nd - Rugby, 13½p, Sport, 1980
23rd - Aslan, 97p, Magical Realms, 2011
24th - Jane Seymour, 26p, The Great Tudor, 1997
25th - Piper Muir, 1st NVI, 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War, 2004
26th - Churchill Commemorative, 1s3d, 1965
27th - Captain Cook, 1/9, British Anniversaries, 1968
28th - Statue of Tutankhamun, 3p, General Anniversaries,1972

Week five

29th – Sir Walter Raleigh, the famous hunter of El Dorado was executed on the 29th of October 1618 and his head was presented to his wife.

30th –  Henry VII was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey on the 30th of October 1485.

31st – Finally the air battle and bombing raids of The Battle of Britain stopped on the 31st of October 1940.

29th - Walter Raleigh, 7½p, British Explorers, 1973
30th - Fan Vaulting 2/6, 900th Anniversary of Westminster Abbey, 1966
31st - Battle of Britain, 4d, 1965

Here are just a few examples of stamps through history and their ability to commemorate the past. I hope I have been able to touch on an area of history that interests you.

-Georgina Tomlinson, Assistant Curator (Philately)

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