On World Embroidery Day, we unpick some of our favourite embroidered postcards and an exclusive crafty kit to get you started.

‘The Unconscious Bias’ embroidered postcard (front), 2019 © Francesca Colussi Cramer 2018-2022

Textile artist and designer Francesca Colussi Cramer stitches fine embroidery threads through vintage postcards to add texture and colour, imbuing them with new meaning and life. For this postcard titled ‘The Unconscious Bias’ she used the ‘French knot’ decorative stitching technique. A selection of her postcards is currently on display at Wish You Were Here exhibition.

‘From your loving son’ First World War embroidered postcard, 1914-18, OB1995.64/03

With best love to my dear mother just to let you see I have not forgotten you Fred. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Soldiers were given free postage in the First World War and postcards were a crucial way for families to keep in touch. Embroidered postcards produced in France and Belgium became popular with British soldiers. Due to their delicate nature most would have been sent in envelopes, sometimes with letters, to loved ones at home. This is one of four examples from Fred in the Wish You Were Here exhibition that shows his devotion to his mother. Many of the men that went to war were so young and may have needed the support of their mothers during such difficult times.

‘Far from you but thinking of you’ embroidered postcard, 1914-1918, OB1995.162/30 (item not in exhibition)

This embroidered Christmas postcard was sent by a soldier in the First World War. A fabric envelope features on the front and contains a little card inside.

‘Sealed with a kiss’ embroidered postcard, early 20th century, 2020-0003/34 (item not in exhibition)

This embroidered postcard ‘Sealed with a kiss’ is adorned with bright flowers such as violets and an envelope sealed with a red heart. It was sent by James to Annie in the early 20th Century.

Wimperis Embroidery Hoop © The Postal Museum

Inspired by the exhibition, Niamh Wimperis has designed an exclusive embroidery kit in collaboration with The Postal Museum, which includes everything needed to complete and display an embroidery hoop. Featuring the words “Wish You Were Here” on a postcard, this is the perfect kit for beginners who want to learn a new craft. Available from our museum shop and online.

– The Postal Museum Team

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