Digital Team – Preparing the website for MailRail

27 June 2016

Hello, I am James and I run Orangeleaf Systems Ltd and work with the Postal Museum’s digital team running both the main website and the Archive catalogue.  Last month, the hosting of the WordPress based Postal Museum website was put under real strain by the sheer number of people wanting to find out about the opening and mail rail after a number of e-newsletters went out.  So, behind the scenes we’ve been busily working to scale up ready for a new audience level and ticketing system.

We’ve gone from a standard single server WordPress with wp-cache to a load balanced cluster of Varnish HTTP cache servers in front of a much more powerful host server.  We are aiming to deliver nearly 100% of the content from the Varnish servers, which are set up so we can bring in more to scale even further.

We’ve tested the new setup to many hundreds of concurrent users with Load Impact , ready for MailRail .

— JG

Update – this post has been set to published a year ago for testing the cache setup for updates.