Our colourful stamps will encourage you to get back on that bike this summer!

Popping to the shops, cycling to work or enjoying an afternoon out with the kids. We can all do a little more cycling and of course, it’s good for our health and fitness.

GB bike stamps

Cycling had its own stamp issue in 1978. Here at The Postal Museum we also have the original artwork behind these designs.

1978 Cycling

Six rough sketches of cycling through the ages.

Preliminary sketches by Fritz Wegner, 24 March 1971

Four images of the issued stamps for the cycling issue of 1978.

Issued stamps by Fritz Wegner, 2 August 1978

World stamps

Great Britain is not the only country looking at cycling and its history, here are a few examples from around the world for both leisure and competition.

Leisure – for enjoyment


Stamp depicting two cyclists on bikes with striped outfits.

Mongolia stamp, 1982


Ten stamp with three children cycling.

Booklet stamps from Australia, 1989


Cuba, 1993
Cuba, 1993
Cuba, 1993


A miniature sheet with three stamps featuring three types of bikes.

Ireland, Miniature sheet, 1991

Sport – to represent your country


Stamp featuring an American cyclists in a blue suit.

USA, 32 cents, 1996


A diamond stamp featuring a cyclist at the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan, 1964


A stamp featuring illustration of cyclists and the map of the Tour de France.

France, 12 franc, 1953

This is just a small selection of bike stamps out there. Hopefully, we’ve managed to interest you in these designs and maybe encouraged you to get out there and do some cycling yourself.

‘Hen & Chicks’ Pentacycles on a cigarette card, c.1939 (2010-0541)

For many years bicycles were used to deliver the post but for a short time a five-wheeled ‘Hen and Chicks’ was trialled. You can see one on display in the museum.

– Georgina Tomlinson, Deputy Curator (Philately)

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