Exhibition hire

The Postal Museum currently offers three small, portable touring exhibitions covering some of the main themes from our collection.

Borrowing organisations are asked to cover any transport fees and cover insurance costs. In addition there is a £500 hire fee per 3 months (which is negotiable).

All our exhibitions are designed to be adaptable so that all or some of the elements can be borrowed depending on the space available at venues.

Mail Rail Touring Exhibition from The Postal Museum

Our Touring Exhibitions

Currently for hire, we have:

  • Mail Rail Touring Exhibition

    Mail Rail: How Technology Solved a Problem

    The Post Office Underground Railway ran from 1927 to 2003. This interactive exhibition reveals the engineering story of how the Post Office built a driverless electric railway under London and moved up to 4 million letters a day.

    The exhibition includes a unique immersive tunnel experience offering a multi-sensory glimpse into the tunnels themselves. Step inside to discover what it was like to be a Mail Rail engineer!

  • Pop it in the post - exhibition hire from The Postal Museum

    Pop it in the Post

    For over 160 years, people in Britain have been able to stick a stamp on a letter and post the letter into a pillar box – keeping in touch with people in cities, towns and villages everywhere. This family-friendly exhibition explores the new and sometimes quirky ideas that made this possible.

    Discover the story of the letter writing revolution, enabled by the world’s first ever stamp, and the UK’s first pillar boxes. Meet the individuals who made this possible, and understand how millions of people’s lives were changed. The world was now available to everyone – simply through the pillar box at the end of your street.


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